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At AutoClipping, we know how painful background removal can be, especially for individuals and teams that manage 1000’s of product images. That’s why we’ve built several unprecedented features to set us apart from, Clipping Magic and others.

What makes AutoClipping unique?

Not only are we cheaper in terms of price per download, but with AutoClipping, you also have access to design your banners, bulk image editing (API) and image. Basically, tasks you want (and need) to do with but can’t.

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You get 5 free images when you open an account

With AutoClipping you get 5 free images to play around with so you can be entirely sure that we are the right image editing software for you! allow you to create 1 free image for downloading so you can view and use it. Beyond that, you’ll need to pay to continue using their software. Would you rather get 5 free images or a single image?

Save $0.13 on every image you download

Whether only using once or editing several images at a time, AutoClipping will cost you only $0.07 per image download. Compared to, who charge an eye-watering $0.20 per download, you’ll be saving 185% less, per image.

For example, editing 5,000 images will cost you the following:

AutoClipping - $350 - $1,000!

That’s a $650 saving on every 5,000 images you edit!

Flexible pricing plans to suit your business needs charge you $1.99 per extra image downloaded after the first free image, so it can get expensive, quickly!

In addition to the 5 free images you get when you sign up to an AutoClipping account, our pay-as-you-go pricing charges you as low as $1.50 per image, saving you more than 33% each time you buy a picture as you go.

3 unique AutoClipping features

Most image editing tools offer the same features. But, not AutoClipping.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve built 3 unique features that no other background removal tool offers. When you subscribe to a paid AutoClipping account, you get full access to each of the following:

1. Image Touch Up Editor

Not every image you capture will be crisp and clear. Sometimes, you’re in a rush and the image is just not right yet, something is a little off.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. AutoClipping’s Touch Up Editor offers an armoury of tools that ensure your images always look their best.

Whether you need to spruce up the image sharpness, remove unwanted background objects, or even edit minor details on your product, our Touch Up Editor gives your images that polished digital makeover.

2. Bulk Image Editing Tool

Have a tonne of images to edit? Then you’ll need AutoClipping’s mighty Bulk Image Editing Tool!

With our Bulk Image Editing Tool, you can edit up to 100 images at once! AutoClipping permits automated editing for your bulky photo collections; you can crop, convert, rotate, add shadows and edges and easily compress your different images, photos and pictures.

Updating product photos for your e-commerce store has never been easier!


3. Banner Design Creator

Take advantage of the most powerful Banner Design Creator on the web. Download your work as PNG or JPG, embed them into your website or share them on social media. With Designer, we’ve included built-in social media sizes, so you can create engaging visuals for your Facebook or Instagram account in seconds.

Sell your products on Amazon or eBay? We’ve got you covered there too!

A powerful alternative to

If we still haven’t convinced you, then we ask you to give us a try to see for yourself.

Try out our tool, for free, and see what you think. If you want to take advantage of our 5 free image offer today, you just need to create an account. You’ll get immediate access and there’s no credit card required. Sign up below to get started.

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