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Robots taking over the photoshoots - fully-robotic studio takes photos itself

What’s the first thing that comes up your mind when you think of a robotic photoshoot? – A robot taking pictures of a model? A shoot with a tripod and a timer? For a professional photographer, it definitely seems weird and impossible, because, let’s be honest, you can have a great camera, professional lens, studio, and lighting but the most important element of the shoot (besides the model) is the photographer. So when a company called StyleShoots came up with an idea of a fully-robotic fashion photography studio, it made many of us smirk.

But after getting to know the concept and the company, it’s far from a laughable project.

StyleShoots has designed a fashion photography studio „Live” that can set up its own lighting and capture its own pictures and video while the photographer stands by and watches. It’s a „smart studio”, which is designed to have all the elements needed for a successful photoshoot in a compact independent machine.

This machine-studio consists of a depth sensor, a few High-CRI LED panels, and a Canon 1DX Mark II, all controlled by a stylist from their iPad Pro. With a few easy steps, you’ll add some simple instructions, ask your model to pose in the white box at one end of the contraption, and Live will do the rest.


After the simple process, you’ll have a modern, high-quality photo not just for your website, but for all selling, marketing, and social media channels, even for magazines and posters. It is programmed to fit with every modern way to show off your products. This is a machine targeted at big brands with big budgets and doesn't come cheap.

To learn more about Live, what it is, what it consists of and what it can do, head over to

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