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Creating a Facebook cover with Designer

A few weeks ago, launched a new tool „Designer”. As the name suggests it’s a way to design something, more precisely, to design banners, posters, covers, and picture online.

So far, we have written an overall review of the Designer in our blog, see here: DESIGNER, AND HOW IT WORKS

Today we will be concentrating on how to create a Facebook cover that is fascinating, clever and stands out.

But first, for first-comers – Designer is a tool you can use to create banners and covers for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account, you can easily design an exciting poster for your Pinterest account or create your own personal e-book covers very easy, fast and free.

The Designer is a very simple way to design your e-cards, pictures, posters, and banners. It’s an online free poster maker that you can use 24/7. With only 3 steps you have chosen a format, uploaded pictures, chosen fonts, and text size, and have downloaded your personal design for uploading.

How to create Facebook covers online?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media channels and we can say a vast majority of people with the internet access has a Facebook account. If you are one of those lucky people to have that, you might want a Facebook cover to stand out. The Facebook cover is actually not something everyone has because it’s only a year-two old gadget, but it’s usually the first thing someone coming to your account, sees.

The Designer has a special format that suits best for Facebook covers and if you wish to show something spectacular, please read on, as we have some great tips on how to create a fun and personal Facebook cover.

The perfect Facebook cover

First of all, let’s start by adding some Facebook guidelines. They do have their own tips on what the Facebook cover should look like, find them here: Facebook guidelines.

As said previously, Facebook cover is usually the first thing people see when they browse you account. Cover and profile picture together should give the viewer a pretty accurate first impression of you.

When you own a business or jst want a more formal and nice-looking Facebook page, there are some great tips to improve your Facebook cover.

Here they are:

1. Use a photo that is the representation of you or what you stand for/do as a business. It’s very important you show the thing you are focusing on your page – whether it’s a photography business, or a shoe shop, the first look at your cover photo, should tell a viewer, whether they want to stay or leave.

2. Use a picture that has an emotion – best is to choose something that makes people happy and/or thinking about the issue/product your account is associated.

3. Pick vibrant colors, or if you are a business owner, choose the colors that your logo or website already has. This way you have consistency and people will always remember you with certain colors.

4. Use fonts and colors that are easy to read – colors that pop out from the background are great fonts that are popular and readable.

5. When using a text or a slogan, try to place it in the center or to the left. People read from left to right, so eyes automatically usually go to the left to look for the text. You can also place your text to the right if the main focus (like you main product) is on the left.

Creating a Facebook cover with online

So, let’s pretend we have a business that provides interior design services. We have chosen a picture from (a free stock photo website) and want to add our slogan „Interior thinking” to that picture. With Designer it’s done within minutes. Lets start:

Click on the Designer button on front page.

Now, choose a format to start with, we chose Facebook cover.

Upload picture or pictures you wish to use on your cover.

Drag your picture(s) to Designer and crop and place them.

Add text, like your slogan or personal message.

Now adjust the font, size and color of your text.

Finished Facebook cover!

We are done! We can now download our design and upload it to Facebook!

Now you have all our intell on how to create ideal Facebook covers. Jump on in and start making your own: START USING DESIGNER.

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