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7 tips on how to improve your Amazon listings

Amazon is pretty much the easiest platform to sell your merchandise. A fantastic product or cheapest price can get you buyers, but it might always not. The most important thing to remember is that the product page is all the customer sees while browsing your products. So for a successful deal, it must be top notch!

Here are some tips to improve your Amazon listings.

Informative product title
To get going, let’s start from the top – the product title. It’s not a surprise, there are lots of sellers on Amazon and with the ranking and commenting system, if you’re not on your best game, your page can just disappear amongst all the others. A great title is grammarly correct, represents the true product, is in the language you’re potential customer speaks, and most of all, it’s informative. A title should have all the most important short keywords and descriptive words for that particular product. You have to agree, you’ll most likely click on a page that says „Biotherm Biosource biosensitive dermo-soothing cleanser, gentle soap-free mousse for sensitive skin, 150 ml” than a page titled „washing machine (white)”.

Effective main keywords
Keywords on a product page let you categorize different uses or qualities your product has. A bulleting system is very effective, as it’s easy to read and does not tire the reader. Prioritise your main keywords at the front, like main benefits and features. This will give a quick overview of the product on offer.

Comprehensive product description
Here is pretty much where it’s reasonable to put all the information you have on your product – name, size, color, benefits, features, ingredients, sells-pitch, and so on. But try to be compact, as Amazon does not allow paragraphs in this section, so it’s just for the informative purpose, so no nice fonts nor easy-to- read bullet points, unfortunately.

High-quality pictures
Just as important as the product title, is the picture. This is what the customer sees as a thumbnail next to the title. It has to be attractive, stylish, high-quality with eye-catching elements. The best product picture is centered and focused, with a white or monochrome background and natural lighting. With, it has never been easier to separate your products from the background for a fantastic picture.

Great product reviews
Always ask people what they think of the products they buy. We tend to trust the words of a so-called common person more than highly thought-through commercial text. So the more reviews you have on your product page (positive of course), the more willing the customer is to send in an order.

Even better seller reviews
It’s so important to offer your best customer service and products possible. Amazon has a fantastic reviews system – an order based feedback, a possibility to change and delete feedback (for the customer) and most of all, they have special communication channel for asking feedback. Amazon encourages communicating with your customers and asking them what they thought of the products and service. Whip up a polite and sincere letter, send it off, and wait for the positivity coming your way! This will definitely make you stand out from the other sellers.

Above others – buy box
As said in the title paragraph, there are plenty of sellers on Amazon, and if what you offer, is a popular product, one thing is sure, there will be competition on your product page. Pay attention to the buy box on the right of the page, this is where you want to be! This is usually the only click the customer makes on the page to make a purchase and even if you have the best deal, you might not be the one getting the order. So it’s important to keep all your listings active, have no pending notifications nor claims, keep your rank at 5-stars and communicate with your customers. With all of this and with offering a great price and an inforative product page, you’ll be on that box in no time.

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